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bravo food design

Our mission is to offer you honester and more sustainable products, something we achieve in two ways:

  1. we guarantee that the animals we use are responsible and sustainable raised. Read more about the ECO certificated.
  2. we make highly nourishing products without using any preservatives, nitrates, additives or sugar.

We believe in the power of natural ingredients and we know that a different food industry is possible..

To reach our goals, Innovation is and will be our main asset, we know is the best way to grow and provide value.

We have signed several ambitious collaboration agreements with CTIC-CITA Food Research Centre, Food+i Cluster and La Rioja Government.

This effort has been acknowledged by Emprendedor XXI Award and the Meat Attraction 2019 Accelera Award as the most innovative in the Spanish meat sector thanks to our meat bars.

Aenor certifies that we are an innovative SME according to its standards.