Meat Attraction: ¡El premio de innovación es nuestro!

Meat Attraction: ¡Innovation prize is ours!

septiembre 25, 2019

We have the most innovative product in the meat industry from Spain, nothing less.  

From the 17th-19th of September we had been at Meat Attraction, the International Meat Industry Exhibition in IFEMA Madrid. We won the Acelera Innovation Award thanks to our meat and vegetables protein bars. 

What makes these bars so especial is that the main ingredient is lean meat and that they are a clean label product: we do not use nitrates, artificial preservatives or added sugar. Even so we have made a very nourishing snack with 6 months shelf life at room temperature and an incredible taste and texture. You can discover the whole range of falvours, ingredients and the nutritional values by clicking here.

For us this is a huge recognition and a prize to a very good job, it has been specially important. Our bars have been in the market just for 3 months and this is the first time they have been shown to professional clients. 

We are almost a new born company and we have won this price to companies like El Pozo (one of the biggest Spanish multi-national in the meat business), which makes this award even more valuable for us. 

We knew we should start at the very beginning, with the animals we use in our products. We want pasture raised animals and we are involved in an European Union project that is working on that, you can read more about this by clicking here.

Cherky gana premio innovación meat attraction

Our team had some busy days:

  • we introduced our future BIO cured meats
  • the lucky people who came to our stand could try the new snack, which we are still developing
  • a lot of meetings, soon you will find Cherky in new points of sale (in Europe and even out of Europe!)
  • we have been in talks about the future of meat, we have met a lot of interesting people

After a few rest days we are looking forward to Alimentaria in April, we promise to make some noise. 


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