bravo food design

Our story begins in 2019 when the three crazy people you see in the photo stopped being friends with common interests to be partners and give shape to Cherky.

We were not quite convinced by what we saw in the snack market and we started making our own snacks at home, with a €45 dehydrator bought on Amazon. After doing a thousand tests we said “Hey, why don't we sell this?”.

With no knowledge or experience in this matter we went to a Technology Center. With ingenuity we told them “we want to make a protein bar, but with meat, without sugar, without any preservative… 100% natural. We have € 6000, will it be in 6 months, right?”. They looked at us with a slightly strange face and the answer was “bueno… we can try”.

Almost 2 years later and a few thousand Euros more we had our bars: different, without strange ingredients, very nutritious and with a spectacular flavor.

uring those two years we also saw things that we did not like about the meat industry, hence another decisive decision: we are only going to use animals that come from organic farming..

Finally in July 2019 we started our own factory and had our first sales.

Getting here has not been easy, we manufacture ourselves and we are proud of it. We have learned how the industry works and we will do everything possible to change it from inside: WITH FACTS, NOT WITH WORDS.

Ready for everything. MeatLovers, please meet the team:

Carlos, the chef of the team, if the snacks are tasty, and for sure they are, it's his fault. Fav snack: ECO · BEEF JERKY · ORIGINAL

David, the engineer of the team, if we have gone from the kitchen to the factory it's his fault. Fav snack: ECO · BEEF JERKY · TERIYAKI

Javier, the designer of the team, si los snacks van en un paquete medio bonito, it's his fault. Fav snack: ECO · SUPERBITES · BEEF, WALNUTS, TOMATO Y CHIA


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