FAQs Cherky

What does the ECO certification guarantee?
  • No chemical substances have been used in its production (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.).
  • No artificial substances (additives, colorants, preservatives, etc.) have been added.
  • They have not used GMOs. The animals used have had unbeatable conditions in terms of well-being, feeding and care.
You can read more about this by clicking here.



Where do you make the snacks?

We make all the snacks ourselves in our small factory in Ribafrecha (a town of less than 1000 inhabitants in La Rioja, Spain). Thus enhancing the local economy, to the extent of our humble possibilities.



What do you do for animal welfare?

All the animals that we use to make our snacks have been raised in an ecological way. Click here to read more about our position regarding Animal Welfare and the Environment, as well as our involvement in the FinalMeat project.



What is the difference between extensive and intensive livestock?

Ecological or extensive livestock are nourished by the grass and water provided by the land most of the year and move freely. This also generates a positive return in the field through the regeneration of the grass and a better fertilization of the soil thanks to the excrement.

Intensive ranching requires many resources and is highly damaging to the environment and livestock.

All the meat we use comes from extensive livestock, click to read more.



Does the type of livestock influence the quality of the meat?

Yes. Organic meat has higher nutritional properties than intensively produced meat. Organic cattle are raised with a better diet, with daily exercise and without chemicals. You can see more details by clicking here.



Where does the meat you use come from?

We have a few ECO certified providers. The veal we use is raised in the Sierra de Urbión y Cebollera, the Sierra de la Demanda in La Rioja and Los Pirineos. The Iberian pig comes directly from Béjar in Salamanca and the organic pig comes from a nearby farm in La Rioja.



What parts of the animals do you use?

To make our products as nutritious as possible, we use premium quality lean cuts. In the range of veal products we mainly use parts of the hindquarters and skirt. For Iberian or organic pork products we use loin, bacon and lean.



What are the sticks?

It is a cured product like a traditional sausage, one of the big differences is the nutritional values:

  • Double the protein
  • Half fat



How are your sausage sticks different from those of other brands?

The main difference is that we do not use nitrates, nitrites, or any other artificial additive to extend the shelf life. Our sausage is ecological, see more by clicking here.



Is Cherky a sports nutrition brand?

They are products for anyone looking for rich, nutritious, organic and 100% natural options. Whether it is to go to the office, to the mountains, for the little ones or after exercising.



What is the difference between Cherky and other protein bars?

The main difference between Cherky bars and 99% of the bars on the market is that we only use natural ingredients. Another of the main differences is the nutritional density: Cherky bars have a higher contribution of protein, less fat and fewer calories than most bars. The main ingredient is lean meat, an incredible source of protein, amino acids, vitamins B and D, iron, creatine and minerals that are very easy to digest.

By the way, these bars were awarded, click to read more.



Are the bars cooked?

Yes, that's right, our bars are made in the oven.



What is inulin?

Inulin is a fiber obtained from vegetables such as artichoke or chicory. It is a prebiotic ingredient that improves digestion. It also increases the feeling of fullness, improves intestinal health, cardiovascular health, and increases calcium absorption among many other things.



Why have I sometimes found a bit harder in your snacks?

To achieve the very good nutritional values that our products have, we need the leanest cuts, it usually comes with enough connective tissue or tendons. We try to clean them as much as possible manually but sometimes a small piece can become part of our snacks.



Why is tamari sauce better than soy sauce?

To make the ECO Beef Jerky Teriyaki we use organic tamari sauce. This way we avoid that this snack has gluten. Organic tamari sauce, unlike commercial soy sauce, is made without GMO soy, glutamates, or additives.


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