Rally Dakar ¿Qué comen los pilotos?

Rally Dakar ¿What drivers eat?

enero 11, 2023

Any motor fans in the Organic Gang?

If the Cherky team likes something, apart from eating well, it is sports. Practice it and enjoy it like fans.

The other day we got a notification on Instagram, Armand Monleón eating some of our snacks with Jakub Przygonski in the middle of the Dakar Rally stage... What? This is true? It seems that the year has not started badly.

Characteristics that must be met (yes or yes) by the food consumed by drivers and co-drivers in the stages of the Dakar Rally, one of the most demanding races:

  • High protein content
  • Take up little space
  • Easy conservation
  • Not strange ingredients: organic food
  • Nutritional density, no empty calories
  • Of course: good taste

SUMMARY: Cherky's snacks have been tested and approved in the Dakar Rally.


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