La importancia de la certificación orgánica en la elección de productos saludables y sostenibles

The importance of organic certification in the choice of healthy and sustainable products

mayo 17, 2023

Welcome organic lovers!!!!

As a follow-up to our article "Organic food: the way to a healthier and more sustainable life" we show you why organic products are an increasingly popular choice among health-conscious consumers and how we can be sure that a product is really organic.
The answer that guarantees all this is: organic certification.

What is the organic certification?
Organic certification is a process by which products are guaranteed to be grown and processed according to organic standards set by regulatory bodies. Each country has its own certification system, but it is generally based on the same principles and international standards.

What are the requirements of organic standards?
Organic standards establish specific requirements for the production, processing, packaging, labeling and marketing of organic products. These standards also establish requirements for the management of soil, water and biodiversity, and for the protection of animal and human health.

How does organic certification guarantee that products are truly organic?
Organic certification guarantees that products meet these standards and that farmers, producers and processors have followed proper practices to ensure that their products are truly organic. You can also be sure that the product meets established organic standards and has been verified by an independent entity.

Why choose certified organic products?
When you buy certified organic products, you have the assurance that the product you are buying has been grown and processed using sustainable practices that respect the environment and human health. Buying certified organic products can be a good option if you are looking for healthier, environmentally friendly and sustainably grown products.

In short OrganicGang, organic certification is a guarantee that the products you buy are really organic and meet the established standards.
Let's take care of our health and the health of the planet by choosing certified organic products!!!!


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