enero 20, 2021

Hello #OrganicLovers,

One of the best things about following a low-carb diet is that you can indulge yourself with real treats like the amazing basque cheesecake that we bring you today. This is a recipe for success.

If you have Instagram, surely at some point you have had to stop scrolling through your feed to look closely at a picture of a cheesecake with a completely creamy interior ... we do not blame you, it is difficult to resist.

In fact these ¨Basque¨ cheesecakes are starting to go viral on social media. This low carb cheesecake really has it all. It has an amazing flavour, it's low in carbohydrates, and it's incredibly easy to make.

This cheesecake is a slight variation of a Spanish restaurant recipe, we have only replaced the sugar with erythritol to avoid providing carbohydrates. In addition, the traditional biscuit base is swapped with one made of almond flour.

You just have to get the hang of the oven. In a home oven it is very difficult to control the temperature and the exact timing, so you will have to play it a bit.

Our recommendation is to remove it from the oven when it seems that it is a little undercooked.

Another very important tip: to fully enjoy this cake you have to eat it at room temperature. Ideally, let it rest for 6 hours in the kitchen at room temperature before eating it, at least 4 hours, and eat it on the same day you cooked it.

Although, if you manage not to eat it all at once, we recommend you keep the rest in the fridge.

This recipe is measured for a 26 cm diameter pastry ring.


  • 200g of almond flour
  • 150g salted butter


  • 600g cream cheese
  • 400g heavy cream
  • 6 large free-range eggs
  • 180g Erythritol*
  • 50g of grated aged cheese
  • 4 g of Salt

*Erythritol is a good tasting, zero calorie bulking sweetener that is suitable for various low calorie and sugar free foods and beverages. It has been a part of the human diet for miles of years due to its presence in fruits and other foods. Erythritol has a high tolerance to digestion, is non-glycemic (and therefore suitable for diabetics) and does not promote the development of cavities. You can read more about this product by clicking here.


1.- Place a sheet of baking paper on the ring or mold and adjust it as much as possible to the walls. Arrange on a baking pan.

2.- Melt the butter and mix with the almond flour in a bowl until a dough is made.

3.- Extend the mixture of almond flour and butter in the bottom of your ring making an even layer.

4.- Bake in a preheated oven at 175ºC for 4-5 minutes until lightly browned.

5.- Put all the filling ingredients in a blender and mix with maximum speed until we have a cream.

6.- Pour the cream on the previously baked base.

7.- Bake at 175ºC for 30 minutes, although depending on the oven it may take up to 40 minutes. 

8.- Let it cool at room temperature and enjoy!



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