¿Por qué nuestras barritas son diferentes? [PARTE 2]

Why our bars are different? [PART 2]

marzo 04, 2020

We carry on with the article we started a few weeks ago, you can check it clicking here. So, Why our bars are different?


They taste like food:

If you are looking for something without cardboard taste or something just different these bars might be what you are looking for.

Most protein bars are quite sweet and with a texture hard to chew, that does not happen to us. The Cherky Bars have a very well balanced recipes that do not overwhelm your taste buds.

As you can imagine a meat bar has to taste different, but we leave to you the joy of discover it.

 cherky bars valores nutricionales

Son nutritivas:

Not everything that comes in a bar shape is healthy.

369 kcal, 1.7g of fat, 26g of carbs and 29.2 of protein for 100g of the Spanish BBQ Beef Bar, could we say these are one of the most nutritious bars in the market?

If we have into account that these ingredients are very nutrient dense and are assimilated very well our opinion is clear. 

 barrita cherky cerdo

We really work towards animal welfare: 

s we said before we are very aware about the main concerns about meat in society.

We do not understand how a food that has been basic in a human been diet for ages can be questioned from a nutritional point of view. We will speak deeply about this topic in other posts.

What we do understand and we do share is the concern about how the animals are raised and the impact it might have.

Not all meat is the same. For us the main problem is leaving the traditional graze farming techniques and adopting a industrial farming production model which use way more resources and have a much greater impact in the environment.

We are involved in a EU financed project that is working towards responsible farming, animal harvesting and food processing. Click here to know more

Our providers are local farms that raise the beef and the iberian pork in a pastured environment where the animals can graze. But that is not enough for us and we will keep working to reduce the impact we have at the same time that we improve the quality of our products.

 If you have any questions, please email us to we will be happy to help. 


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