¿Por qué nuestras barritas son diferentes? [PARTE 1]

Why our bars are different? [PART 1]

noviembre 06, 2019

Why our bars are different?

When you see the pack it is obvious that these are not an average bar… and they are not.

Our mission is to create different products that are more honest with our clients and with the environment. That means to make the best possible product, no shortcuts.

When we decided to make these bars the goal was clear: a savory bar, without preservatives or added sugars. On top of that it had to taste awesome and be nourishing, sounds simple?

It has not been neither as easy or fast as we thought but finally we have achieved it and we want to tell you what makes the cherky Bars so especial.

 cherky bars valores nutricionales

They are made with meat and they are savoury.

That is right, the main ingredient of our bars is meat.

Lean meat is an impressive source of protein, amino acids or B and D vitamins among many others. This makes meat one of the most nutritional dense foods available, so why do not use it for a nourishing product?

In addition we love meat and give us lots of possibilities to play with the recipes, because we wanted a product with an espectacular flavour, do you remember?.

We are fully aware about the opinions and movements contrary to meat nowadays. We agree with some of them and we are working to solve them (click here to read more), most of them are just false or pure marketing.

 barrita cherky cerdo

Very few real ingredients. 

“We do not want preservatives, artificial ingredients or sugar”. It has been the biggest challenge in the development of the Cherky Bars, mostly because they do not need any refrigeration and they have more than 6 months shelf life.

We invite you to check the ingredient list in the website, is very short and you can recognise all of them, in fact, you could buy all of them easily. We only use natural and organic ingredients.


In a few weeks time we will carry on with the article. If you have any questions, please email us to we will be happy to help.


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